Corset and Butterflies

Here's my first composite for my weekly challenge. I had several ideas but this one seemed to be the best since I'm currently suffering from a terrible reaction to too much weeding. I've spent the last couple weeks weeding furiously.  Turns out the weed I've been pulling by the truck load is Poisonous Hemlock!  This nasty weed has caused a bad rash on my face, so I have sequestered myself to the house all weekend. Boring!!!! No more weeding, no diving, no golf, no sweating, no cosmetics, and most definitely no sun screen-ugh. So I took all the photos for this composite in my living room. Below is the final image....

Untitled photo

Here is how I did it. My setup was two speed lights, one on a boom with a Neewer square umbrella modifier set at 1/8 flash power. The second was on the floor with a white umbrella set at 1/64th power. For the backdrop, I used my 5ft by 6ft pop up on the white side. My camera settings were shutter speed of 1/125 at f2.8 ISO 100 with a 50mm prime lens.

First I took a few images of the corset. I chose this one as my base image.

Untitled photo

Then I took several images of silk flowers. I used these....


Then I took images of fake butterflies I purchased on Amazon. Here are some of the images I used....


Finally, I composited the images together using the liquify tool, brush tool, the copy/paste tool, masking, curves, and finally added a texture on the flower skirt set at hardlight and on the overall image set at softlight.

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