Milk Bath Shoot

October 4th, 2017


Milk bath photography is wildly popular at the moment, so I thought I'd give it a try!  Here's how I did it ......

First the bath.  I started with a blow up kiddie pool large enough for my model to lie down in.  I then filled it up with 6 inches of water and added two gallons of whole milk - viola I had a milk bath. 

Next the lights.  For this shoot I used two strobes at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock at a 45 degree angle above the model.

Next the flowers.  I decided to go entirely fresh - so I bought some from the market.  I was looking for lavender but couldn't really find any.  I did find a really strong purple color rag weed looking thing.  I thought that might be good.  That came with neon yellow mums.  Not exactly what I was looking for but I ended up liking the mums better than the purple rag weed!  Then pulling into my driveway when I returned from the store, I realized I had all kinds of really nice flowers in my own garden - doh!  What was I thinking!!!  So I cut some fresh Russian Sage, Verbena, Roses, and Rose of Sharon.   In the above photo I used Russian Sage, Roses, yellow mums, and the pink Rose of Sharon behind my model's ear.

Arranging the flowers was rather tedious.  Luckily, since I only had 6 inches of milky/water,  my model could remain still so the flowers didn't move around too much.  The flowers looked great and didn't sink too much until my model got in and out to change outfits.  I should have changed out all the flowers for each outfit change.

Next the outfits.  The examples I liked most had the subjects wearing light colored flowy tops.  In the above photo I chose a sheer white fabric I wrapped around my model like a scarf.  I liked this "outfit" the best.

And that's it!

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