Walking on Air

So I've fallen behind on updating the blog, but I've still been creating my composites about every week.  Here's one "Walking on Air".  I took this from several images.  The first was shot from one of my many trips.  It's an image of the clouds from an airplane.

And then I took several images of myself in my living room.  Starting with just the balloon.  Then the base image of me bent over walking carefully as if I was walking on the balloons.  Then I took images from a ladder attempting to step on the balloon.  First with one foot then the other.  But now that I look closely at the parts of the images, I see that both feet are my left foot - guess I have two left feet!!  It really felt like that when trying to capture the look of stepping on the balloons.  That was a lot harder than I thought it would be :(

Anyway the next step was to photograph my hair so I could make it look fuller and longer.

And then finally I needed a close up shot of the ribbon.

Here are the parts.

Once all the parts that made up my image were put together, it looked like this.  Odd eh?

Then I copied the base image onto the cloud image. added many masks, curves, shadows, and textures later the final composite was done!

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